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‘ Outstanding Teaching and Learning through innovation,inquiry, lesson study and peer coaching’

Innovative ways of delivering outstanding learning

The core business of schools is to deliver the highest levels of learning and attainment for their pupils.

Outstanding pedagogy fosters deep learning characterised by pupils who are reflective and are searching for their own ways of knowing and understanding. Outstanding pedagogy challenges pupils to respond creatively, fosters both independent and collaborative learning, develops learning to learn skills and actively involves pupils in their own learning and progress.

Our work in classrooms
For more than 10 years we have worked in a coaching capacity with teachers in their classrooms encouraging inquiry, innovation, reflective practice and peer coaching. We learn in partnership with them and they inform and validate the quality of our work with schools.

Our core provision consists of:

A comprehensive and highly acclaimed core programme, ‘LEARNING TO LEARN CREATIVELY’. This consists of up to 6 training days scheduled across at least two terms to enable delegates to develop and embed highly effective pedagogical skills by means of in-house classroom based trial and lesson study. The programme is supported by in-house coaching days for delegates.

In-house bespoke whole staff training for individual schools, from one to five days (costs reduce when clients are seeking more than three days training)

Working flexibly with school networks, partnerships and consortia to facilitate cross school communication and learning by means of networked training programmes, innovation, Lesson Study, peer coaching and in-house coaching provided by the trainer.

Principles which underpin our training courses

Cutting edge course content focused on the key components of highly effective lessons:

  • Challenging learning tasks and activities that promote engagement and underpin outstanding learning
  • Involving pupils in identifying and working towards Learning Intentions and success criteria
  • Promoting pupil self-regulation and enabling them to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and progress
  • Timely feedback and opportunities for review, self and peer assessment.
  • Collaborative and creative learning activities which ensure purposeful learning through dialogue and interaction.
  • Providing challenge and opportunities for reflection; encouraging pupils to respond creatively, to think and make personal sense and meaning.

Cutting edge training and professional development characterised by active, experiential and reflective teacher engagement:

  • Workshop based learning and practical examples of what works best
  • Opportunities to experience and reflect on powerful teaching and learning strategies as learners
  • Collaborative reflection on how to transfer successfully to classroom practice
  • Undertaking in-house classroom based inquiry, innovation trial, lesson study and peer coaching focused on improving pupil progress and outcomes
  • The provision of in-house coaching and support by the trainer
  • Comprehensive and practical course materials and resources