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‘ Outstanding Teaching and Learning through innovation,inquiry, lesson study and peer coaching’

Changing mind sets

Changing teachers’ mind sets is the key challenge to changing their practice.

‘In a fast changing world if you can’t learn, unlearn and relearn you are lost’ (Stoll, L et al , 2003)

One off INSET days make negligible impact on long term changes to practice or mind set. Long term and sustainable change is brought about by high quality training, coaching and reflective practice over time which encourages teachers to identify their own self found solutions to the challenges of teaching and learning.

Teachers only change their professional practice when they can see a pay-off in terms of their own improved effectiveness in the classroom and have identified the evidence of improved pupil progress for themselves. This process takes time to evolve and impact on attitudes, beliefs, values and practice. The journey begins with encouraging teachers to make small but significant tweaks to practice that pay off immediately in terms of modifying pupil learning behaviours and improving their learning. Over time, through classroom based inquiry and peer coaching, we encourage teachers to take creative risks and further develop and embed highly effective pedagogy through reflective practice. In this way we empower staff to become leaders of learning, collaboratively seeking out the challenges to outstanding teaching and learning and identifying their own solutions.

When our involvement concludes what remains is a sustainable CPD process which empowers teachers and supports ongoing reflective practice and innovation in teaching and learning.