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About Us
What we do

We focus relentlessly on what works best in improving Teaching and Learning. We bring an in depth understanding of current pedagogical research and best practice together with a depth of experience gained from over 20 years of working with senior leaders and teachers in schools and classrooms across the sectors to provide solutions that work.

We work with schools who understand that outstanding teaching provides a foundation for good learning and want to explore ways of moving beyond the transmission mode of teaching towards a learning centred focus in which learners take increasingly more control over their own progress.

We don’t deliver training packages: we help professionals learn, change mind sets, improve their pedagogical practice and help them make a significant difference to pupil learning and progress.

We work flexibly and collaboratively with schools and consortia to tailor a programme of training, coaching and/or developmental activity which effectively meets the needs and direction.

We immerse teachers in practical experiences where they can gain new skills and understanding and apply them to their own classroom practice to ensure learning is embedded. As new capabilities develop and are proved to enhance pupils’ learning so too do new attitudes, beliefs and values. Participants will see and experience teaching and learning and the dynamics of the classroom differently through the development of these changes to their mind set, enabling ongoing development and significant and sustainable improvement of pupils’ learning and progress.

Our training is challenging, innovative, active and inquiry led – and thus models what outstanding pedagogy should feel like. Delegates are encouraged to build on each training day back in their classrooms, take creative risks and work as peer coaches with colleagues in collaborative lesson study with a clear focus on improving pupils’ learning and performance as learners.

We help schools become learning communities and teachers to become leaders of learning. Our working methods model the best of CPD practice and provide schools with a framework for sustaining high quality professional development once our involvement is over.


Peter is an independent educational trainer and consultant with over 20 years’ experience of teaching, leadership and management within primary, special, secondary schools and colleges. He has also worked as an Ofsted Inspector and as senior school improvement officer in Cheshire LA with particular responsibility for leading policy and practice within the areas of special needs, inclusion and learning to learn.

Peter is recognised as an inspirational trainer and consultant whose ideas and approaches are grounded in reality and best practice. His clear focus on school improvement through innovative learning and teaching is underpinned by breadth and depth of professional knowledge and expertise which includes leadership for learning, coaching skills, strategies for inclusion, accelerated learning, thinking skills, co-operative learning, assessment for learning and teaching for creativity.

For the past eleven years Peter has worked with individual schools, local authorities, education action zones, school consortia, colleges and universities across the UK and the Arts Council Creative Partnerships initiative, supporting teachers and school leaders in developing innovative and practical approaches to improving motivation, creativity, learning and achievement for young people. The success of Peter’s “mind friendly” principles and strategies has been documented in Arts Council research and publications, and is recognised by the Manchester University CEL evaluations, the DfES Innovations Unit and Ofsted.

Beyond the UK, Peter has worked on classroom research projects in Chicago, Illinois, USA; contributed to the BSME CPD programme; worked with the SOROS Foundation in Latvia, bringing creative ideas and strategies to the transformation of the Latvian school system and with Nord Anglia, supporting an innovative pilot programme with Arab speaking schools and colleges in the United Arab Emirates.


Pam Scott is an Independent educational trainer and consultant with over twenty years’ experience of senior management in schools in the North West.Her most recent post was as Headteacher at Coppenhall High School, an 11-16 school incorporating a 60 place resource for children with MLD, a recognised strength of the school. The school served two of the most socially deprived wards in the country. Raising aspirations, achievement and educational standards within this community were the major challenges that Pam successfully addressed, significantly raising standards in all aspects.

Pam’s expertise covers all aspects of school leadership and management. These qualities are underpinned by excellent interpersonal and

communication skills as a consultant and trainer. She has a reputation as someone with a clear vision about the future of education, the ability to provide a coherent strategy and a strong commitment to improving the outcomes for all pupils. Her pragmatic and realistic strategies are founded on a relentless and clear focus on learning and a commitment to provide an inclusive and personalised approach to every aspect of school life.
Five years ago Pam joined the team at Mind Friendly Learning and has undertaken a variety of consultancy roles both in leadership and management as well as teaching and learning which remains her passion. She has worked in Liverpool, Wigan and Denbighshire but the last three years has seen her being intensely involved in transforming learning in the new Knowsley Learning Centres.

In recent years Pam has provided training sessions for the National College and she is also a qualified School Improvement Partner ( SIP ).